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Circa 1820

The Francestown Village Store, located on picturesque Main Street in historic downtown Francestown, is the 2nd oldest continuously operating general store in the country. Established in 1814 the Francestown Village Store, formerly The Long Store, has proudly served its community for over 200 years.

The Long Store was built by Peter Clark in 1814, it has been in operation from that time, and is the only remaining original business on Main Street. Unlike many other general stores of the time, The Long Store, now Francestown Village Store, was built as a general store, not a residence converted to one. This building has been the proud home to Francestown’s two banks (Francestown Saving Bank-1851~1863 & First National Bank of Francestown-1863~1891), the Post Office, a Harness Maker, Jeweler, and the town Fire Department. The fire hall building was built in 1888 to house the handtub owned by the Mt. Crotchet Engine Company No. 1. The second story was added to the fire hall 1892 as a meeting hall.

Circa 1960

The Francestown Village Store is rich with history, the voices of the past are still present today; many items that were original to the store are still maintained here for perpetuity. Come visit us, take a step into history.



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