Tijuana Tuesday’s

taco guy

The doors of the old fire house will reopen for business May 5th!

Join us for a Cinco de Mayo party in the streets of 'ol Franny Town!

May 5th is a Thursday (2016) - So this will be a special Thursday ONLY Tijuana Tuesday!


La fiesta está en el Francestown Village Store todos los martes!

Join us each week through the summer, from Cinco de Mayo to the first Tuesday in September, we are serving up Sidewalk Style Mexican Food!  The doors of our old firehouse, Mt. Crotchet  #1,  are opened to reveal the Village Cantina each week at 5 pm. The menu is simple and the meat changes each week, alternating between carnitas (roasted pork),  ground beef and shredded chicken. Christina puts together a batch of her fresh salsa and the ranchero sauce that no one can get enough of.  Grab your dinner to go or hang around and enjoy the music & great friends while sipping a Mexican Coke and grubbing on a taco, bet you can't eat just one!

The Menu

Taco                                              $3.00

Quesadilla with Meat                 $6.00

Quesadilla (Cheese Only)         $3.50

Burrito                                          $6.00

Taco Salad                                    $7.00

Loaded Nachos                           $8.00

Guacamole                                   $1.00

Complementary salsa with each meal.



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